Hunting isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. That’s why Bucks of Nebraska is creating everyday apparel, gifts and gear, built around the Cornhusker state, for deer and sports seasons. Founded in "The Good Life" of Nebraska, our pilot state paved the way for today's vision. We pride ourselves on representing the individual and their hometown. We aren't a big fancy shop with venture capitalist and some foreign manufacturing. We are family-owned, back woods grown, and we custom design products that everyday people and hunters are proud to wear. So if you want to show your pride for your state and your passions - wherever you go - consider yourself in good company.


It all started with a vision. Founder Cody Neer, wanted a place for everyone to share and experience Nebraska Hunting. With a passion for whitetail, he set out a way via social media and state specific gear.  


We don't strive to compete with Under Armour or Realtree. We aren't looking for ways to manufacture products overseas to raise our margins. We simply want to provide state specific designs to everyday deer hunters. Today, that vision is still the driving force behind our brand. 


We have a grass roots approach. With a National Partnership with Whitetails Unlimited, you will see us at every Deer Camp across Nebraska. We share the vision of sharing the outdoors and pounding our rights for the 2a. 


Have a question regarding your recent order? Need help answering a product question? We are a small team, hang with us, but we would be happy to assist you. 

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